Rotary Tattoo Machine Professional Tattoo Pen RCA Connected for Tattoo Artist


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 ***Easy slicing, easy fogging, suitable for various styles
 ***Adopting a high-speed and strong torque motor for tattoos, with a speed of 7000 rpm, and a unique internal design concept, which solves the problems of traditional tattoo pens such as tired secant lines, line color leakage, false secant lines, uneven fogging, etc.
 ***Designed according to the hand muscles holding the pen posture and feel, the whole machine is bright silver to highlight the precision workmanship, and the exterior is equipped with carvings to highlight the futuristic sense of science and technology
 ***The whole machine has stable needle ejection, large ink volume, uniform fogging, smaller skin damage, and more smooth color
 ***Equipped with RCA interface to ensure that the connection line is plugged and plugged firmly, and it is not easy to fall off
 ***Voltage speed: 7V speed 4900RPM, 8.5V speed 5950RPM, 10V speed 7000RPM (measured to drive the speed of the silicone integrated needle, non-idling speed)
 ***Note: The working voltage is 7-11V. Do not work with overload for a long time. The maximum torque that can withstand is

Packing: neutral packing box, 1.8m RCA cable, 1.3mm internal eccentric wheel adjustment wrench (no need to adjust for daily use)

Product Name: Motor Tattoo Pen
Motor motor: strong torque motor
Starting voltage: 5V to drive the silicone needle
Product weight: net weight 130g, gross weight 280g
Material technology: high-quality aluminum alloy, CNC turning and milling compound, fine sand polishing, oxidation coloring
Power interface: RCA
Rated voltage: 10V
Rated power: 5W
Needle stroke: 3.5mm
Needle length: 0-4.5mm

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