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{Ship from US} Complete Tattoo Kit with Tattoo Liner Shader Gun, 54 Bottles Tattoo Inks, Power Supply Tattoo Needles Disposable Supplies and Carrying Case

Affordable professional collection, suitable for all level tattoo artist and starters Good Coiled Wrap machine, operates with low temperature, and will not overheat Complete kit with disposal supplies and carrying case, perfect for apprentice and home visiting business

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We’re in the business of delivering genuine tattoo equipments and supplies.

Tattoos signify one major concept—individual expression. Body art is quite intriguing because every tattoo represents something different and tells a unique story. When you unleash your story, you dare to inspire the world. This is what TTOOB vision is all about.

We are passionate about being able to provide the best selection of machines, supplies to independent artists, tattoo studios, business owners and the tattooed community in general. Our store is committed in excellence to safety, quality, exceptional customer service and the best outcomes we can.


Kristen Moore

High quality at a good price point

Having watched my apprentice struggle with her kit I decided do buy her a new machine, she had been learning with a wireless set up so not wanting to change things too much I researched all the available machines and found this diamond in the rough, having eagerly waited for it to arrive I was seriously shocked at how well it was presented, build quality ,feel in hand and the batteries are insane, her work has improved 200% in the short time she's had with the machine, I own several high end well known branded machines and this is as good as they are at a third of the cost, only trouble is she won't let me try it out now because she loves it, well done Ttoob for developing a great machine at a price that blows your competition out of the water

Great machine all around

I am so pleased with this machine, it’s so versatile and easy to get used to ! Great for fineline and dotwork and illustrative work but also great for solid black fill

Mike Sendler​

Felicity Trump

Amazing Brand

"Okay let’s talk about this amazing brand, their product is amazing, it is very intuitive to use, comfortable and has an affordable price. This brand also sent me some needles as a gift, I really recommend buying from this store, nice quality, unique features, lovely!"

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